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We're working on building out a library of resources for our community. The information on this page is currently geared toward supporting our segment on WJFF around sexual health on 22 January but we are actively growing this page to meet the needs of our diverse audience.  As we do that, we would love to hear from you! What resources does our community need? If you have ideas for this page to grow, please reach out to us at

Prep Resources

HIV prevention is incredibly important to our community. The resources here aim to provide places you can confidently seek information and support in the local Catskills and New York State area. 

New York State Prep Assistance Program

Gilead's Advancing Access program

PrEP Assistance Program Locator – For uninsured and insured.


Hudson Valley Community Services, Inc. HVCS 

HVCS is the largest organization solely dedicated to providing HIV/AIDS services to people in New York’s Hudson Valley region. HVCS PrEP Specialist are located in Orange County but can assist anyone in the Hudson Valley region. *Clients outside of Orange County may see a medical professional via telemedicine appointments, and undergo HIV testing at a lab site near them.

Lack of insurance is not a barrier to receiving PrEP! There are several programs available from New York State and the pharmaceutical companies to lower or zero out the cost of being on PrEP even if you don’t have insurance.

For more information about the PrEP program, contact:

Naomi Kabalkin-Bunnenberg
Phone or text: (845) 704-7624

Plush Care (online telemedicine)

Virtual primary care and mental health treatment Visit with a doctor from the comfort of your own home. Book an appointment 24/7, visit a doctor, and get PrEP in the nearest pharmacy.  Must have insurance.

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